All photography provided by Stephanie Sayre



Sponsoring a bird is a way to help support us caring for the birds through making a donation in your name or a friend's name if you want to gift this to someone.  The amounts are different for each bird, based on the cost of feeding that bird for one month.  In exchange you will receive a few items: 

  • a certificate with your name as an official Discoverer
  • a brief history & photo of the bird you choose to sponsor
  • updates quarterly for a year on how that bird is doing

"Felix" (male, grey morph eastern screech owl) ~ $25
"Sterling" (female, grey morph eastern screech owl) ~ $25
"Frankenberry" (male, red morph eastern screech ") ~ $25
"Kaui" (female, great-horned owl) ~ $50

*If choose to Sponsor a bird, please include a name and address for whom to mail the items and updates to, as well as which bird you want to sponsor.

How to help birds in the wild

  • Put stickers on your windows (or don't clean them so thoroughly!) ~ Nearly 90 Million birds die every year from flying into windows in North America.  Visit FLAP for more info on this.
  • DON'T use Rat Poison! ~ Did you know that a barn owl who eats a poisoned rat typically would have eaten 10,000 rodents annually? Visit this site for more information on how you can help stop the use of rat poison in your area and what you should use instead of poison if you have a rodent problem. 

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about us and what we do as well as sharing the information that you have learned through our website and any presentations or events you may have seen us at.


Your donation allows us to continue saving and caring for non-releasable birds of prey as well as helping us to continue spreading our message through educating the public.  

Other Ways you can Support Wings of Discovery

  • Place your Amazon orders through and select "Wings of Discovery" as the charity you would like to support.
  • Use GoodSearch as your search engine or GoodShop when shopping online or on your mobile device with "Wings of Discovery" as your selected charity.
  • Purchase a "Wings of Discovery" T-shirt (which has the image shown above on it) at any of our upcoming events.