In loving remembrance of our American Kestrel, Elsu. Elsu passed away peacefully on July 3rd, 2019 at the age of 11. American Kestrels typically live an average of 14 months in the wild and an average of 5 years in captivity. There are some lucky exceptions of course. The oldest banded wild recorded was 11 years and 7 months old and the oldest captive on record was 17 years old. Nonetheless, Elsu had a very long an happy life. She was caught from the wild at around 5 months old and had a few good hunting years while educating the public. She continued educating the public until she was 10years old and spent her last year retired doing what she seemed to enjoy the most: watching t.v. with “mom” while laying on her shelf-perch (or occasionally watching “mom” from on the t.v.), and her absolute favorite flying over to sit on “mom’s” pillow whenever she left the room. ;) The last two years of her life she enjoyed the benefits of aromatherapy through an ultrasonic diffuser. She would lay so close to the edge of her shelf that her head was almost completely off, because the diffuser was positioned closest to there beneath her. She was an incredible bird with a lot of personality that influenced and touched the hearts of many. She will be greatly missed.